I am a schmuck!

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I am a schmuck!

Post  mamabub on Sun Jul 20, 2008 7:33 pm

So my boys have been gone less than 12 hours and we have a cat cat ! (well he won't be here til tomorrow but you get the idea!)

Yep so here is how it works, the dog groomers next door is doing cat rescue and she got 2 cats in April, Keith and Nolen get to name them when they come in from now on. So one gets adopted and his brother is crying and crying and me (the lady who told the boys if i can't flush it they can't have it for pets) had to go and help joclelyn do something and I told Dean that I was going to get my cat! and ther we go a cat cat !

Auntie Krista if you join the forum this week PLEEEASE don't tell them !

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